Math Challenge is a team-based, inter-school competition that will ignite your imagination and challenge your mind. It is a high-tech, high-energy competition, which will require you to use tablets and computers to solve math problems with your teammates.

How can you participate in this epic, interschool competition?

Follow these 3 simple steps!

1. If you are in class 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 or 10, ask your parents to give you your participation fee for Math Challenge

2. Give your teacher(s) your participation fee

3. Ask your teacher to put your name on the list of participants for Math Challenge 2019

Competing in Math Challenge 2019 will give you the chance to...

· Gain recognition as your school’s representative on a national platform

· Receive a Certificate of Participation – a valuable asset for your college application

· Gain free access to EDeQUAL’s online Math assessments to test your Math skills

· Win the regional and national championships and receive CHAMPIONSHIP CERTIFICATES and A GRAND MYSTERY PRIZE!

· Watch your school score soar higher and higher as you compete at successive levels

· Hone your interpersonal and mathematical reasoning skills by working with your team to solve challenging Math problems in a live game show format


To get into the Math groove and polish your analytical skills, take our Math Quiz now and share your score with your friends