After 14 years of success of Dawn In Education’s DAWN Spelling Bee, and the DAWN-EDeQUAL Math Challenge 2018, DAWN and EDeQUAL are organising Math Challenge 2019. Math Challenge is a high-tech, high-energy inter-school competition that will test the mathematical reasoning and analytical capabilities of the next generation of problem-solvers in Pakistan.

This is a national, inter-school competition in which students in classes 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 will have the opportunity to demonstrate their intellectual, analytical and problem solving skills using Math.

The competition aims to:

· Strengthen the mathematical reasoning and analytical capabilities of the next generation of problem solvers in Pakistan

· Foster a love of mathematics, and

· Identify and celebrate Math talent


The competition will be held in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. Schools from each of these cities are invited to participate in the competition.

Students will be divided into three groups.

· Group 1: class 5 and 6

· Group 2: class 7 and 8

· Group 3: class 9 and 10

The competition for each group will be conducted separately.

There will be four knockout rounds in the competition.

1. Schools Round. This round will be conducted within each participating school. Students will take an online quiz in their computer lab. Each school that proceeds to the next round will constitute a team of two students per group to represent the school. Normally these two students will be the top scorers from their class.

2. Preliminary Round. This round will be conducted in each city, bringing together the competing teams from each school. The top ten percent of competing school teams will progress to the third round of the competition.

3. Regional Round. This round will involve the best teams from each city, who will compete to be the regional winners (from Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad). The twelve best teams across the three regions will proceed to the final round.

4. Final Round. The final round, to be held in Karachi, will bring together regional winners and nine other top teams to compete for the national Math Challenge championship. Winning teams and runner up teams will be awarded exciting prizes and recognised nationally in DAWN.


Schools may register to compete in any or all of the following groups: Group 1, Group 2, Group 3. There is a minimum participation requirement of 10 students per school. However, there is no limit on the maximum number of students that the school can register in each group. We encourage maximum participation from registered schools.


The amount to be paid will vary according to the number of students who participate (across all three groups) from the school. As the student numbers increase, the school fee and per student fee will decrease.


No. of Students



10 – 24



25 – 49



50 – 74



75 – 99


100 – 149


150 +



Schools that wish to register must promote the competition internally to their students and parents. Math Challenge will provide posters that can be placed within the school premises, and informational flyers that can be sent to parents.

Every student who registers for Math Challenge will receive:

· A unique username and password to access Math Challenge – School Round (to be administered by the school)

· A completion certificate showing their score achieved in the School Round

· An opportunity to be selected for their school team for subsequent rounds of the competition

· A coupon worth Rs 299 that can be redeemed for EDeQUAL’s online assessments, which can be used to test their Math competency level


· The competition is conducted in English.

· The competition takes place between November 2018 and February 2019.

· Each round of the competition will be timed and completed within 2 hours.

· There will be a mix of questions in each round that will cover a wide range of topics in internationally leading Mathematics curricula. Answering these questions correctly will require Math concept understanding as well as problem solving and analytical skills.

· Questions will be accorded points by their level of difficulty.

· Calculators are not permitted.

· Further details on each round and how the competition will be conducted will be provided to schools when they register.