EDeQUAL is Pakistan’s leading education technology company, offering schools and students excellent online learning in Math and Science. Organised according to leading international and Pakistani curricula and delivered via a user-friendly online learning platform, EDeQUAL’s blended learning courses enable schools to intelligently implement technology-enabled learning and allow students to learn more effectively and faster than other methods. Leading schools in Pakistan use EDeQUAL to support their students’ learning needs.


EDeQUAL’s online assessments allow students to test themselves in Math. Foundational assessments focus on primary Math concepts and provide a detailed diagnostic of student competencies and weaknesses – allowing you to target your learning to your areas of greatest need. Secondary assessments cover the full range of topics covered in the O level Mathematics curriculum, allowing you to identify weaknesses and take remedial action. EDeQUAL’s online learning solution for Math provides students with customised learning according to their needs. Our thoroughly organised course materials, which can be accessed online, anytime and anywhere, allow students to learn independently and at their own pace. Our topic-wise assessments help to test their mastery of concepts.


EDeQUAL’s teacher training and certification programme provides schools with a rigorous and transparent method to develop and assess their teacher competencies. Teachers can access EDeQUAL’s materials at any time and place, and work through their requirements at their own pace – making it a convenient alternative to in-school trainings. At the same time, EDeQUAL’s tracking algorithms capture usage and performance data, providing schools with detailed reporting and analysis on each user.

EDeQUAL can flexibly support and enhance classroom teaching. Schools that adopt EDeQUAL’s blended learning solutions to improve their students’ performance see rapid improvement in learning outcomes. We provide training to teachers that deploy EDeQUAL, ensuring that blended learning delivers real results. Full-scale implementation comes with EDeQUAL’s support at the planning, implementation and results monitoring stages.

Math Challenge 2014

EDeQUAL launched the inaugural Math Challenge in September 2014, a nation-wide inter-school competition that challenged students to apply Math concepts and demonstrate thinking and problem solving skills. Students from class 3 to 11 participated in Math Challenge. To learn more click here.

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