Initiated in 1998, Dawn in Education is the only education programme in Pakistan by the Dawn Group of Newspapers. The programme aims to bridge the gap between school and real world. By bringing a newspaper into the classroom, DAWN facilitates the integration of newspaper as an information resource within the class curriculum.

Dawn In Education helps children:

· Advance their reading skills

· Develop critical thinking skills

· Form informed opinions

· Improve communication skills

· Increase general knowledge

· Enhance long-term concentration

· Increases awareness of current affairs

Over the years, Dawn in Education has started several programmes under their banner. These include DAWN Spelling Bee, Phonetics Workshop and several seminars as well as conferences. These events have received accolades from the civil society, corporate organisations and educational institutions.

Spelling Bee

Initiated in 2005, Dawn in Education Spelling Bee is an academic event that aims to expand children’s horizons beyond the classroom and enhance their process of learning. The content is designed to help students improve their spellings, increase their vocabulary, learn new concepts and develop the correct usage of the English language. In last 13 years, the contest has been successful in cultivating year-round interest among teachers, parents, students and sponsors.


Since 2008, Dawn in Education has also been conducting Spelling Bee Phonetics Workshops in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. These workshops are designed to train teachers and help them recognise and distinguish sounds of different words in English language as well as improve their pronunciation.